Planning a wedding can be quite difficult at times but I like to remind everyone the planning stages are all part of what goes into the big day and you need to enjoy the full journey. One question you will have to tackle is dessert! With the weddings I have seen lately, more and more couples are moving away from the traditional wedding cake. From smaller cakes to cut accompanied by a dessert table or ditching out on the cake all together, there are endless options to make your wedding stand out when it comes to desserts. Why ditch the traditional wedding cake? Maybe you’re not a cake person, maybe there is a dessert that is special to you or maybe you just want something fun and exciting for your guests to remember. Whatever option you go with is going to be DELICIOUS!

I wanted to post some of my favorite dessert vendors in the Milwaukee area that are outside of the traditional wedding cake box. Maybe you aren’t sure what you want to go with for a different dessert yet and that is totally fine, too! Who doesn’t like to try new delicious places to eat?! Here are my top 5 favorite non-traditional wedding desserts!

I’m not talking run of the mill Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme, don’t get me wrong on my way to work those are great, but I’m talking about DOUGHNUTS for your wedding day! Delicious, decorated, crazy flavored doughnuts! Okay, so by now I think you’re starting to understand that I love doughnuts- and this is my top choice in Milwaukee.

  • Holey MoleyHoley Moley offers a wide verity of  flavors from Apple Cider Cake to Peanut Butter Bacon with options for Gluten Free and Vegan friendly doughnuts. Their catering option will also provide you a stand to make a delicious and dreamy doughnut tower! You could even ask about a Giant doughnut to cut instead of the classic cake.

Now I know what you’re thinking…Waffles? Really, Chris? Yes! Waffles! More than just breakfast food, these delicious crispy outside, fluffy inside, multi-pocketed vessels for a limitless amount of toppings can provide a fun way for your guests to create their own unique desserts.

  • PressIf you have not heard of Press then you need to get to a local farmers market and discover their fantastic Belgian Liège waffles. With a number of different fresh toppings including sweet options like bourbon cherry or vanilla bean moscarpone to more savory options like peanut-butter creme with bacon and bananas, there will be tons of fun choices for you and your guests to enjoy.

Yes, the same tasty frozen nectar on a stick from your childhood. Who doesn’t love things on a stick? Food on a stick allows you to have a drink in one hand, and hit the dance floor with your Popsicle in the other.

  • Pete’s PopsThese are not your average grocery store Rocket Pops- these are fresh, small batch popsicles that will make you line up for more! Pete’s Pops can be found during the summer at a number of different Milwaukee events but recently, Pete has opened up his own shop. With flavors like Honeydew Lime and Sour Cherry to Sweet Corn Blackberry swirl and Roasted Peach N’ Jalapeno, these are a dessert that your guests are not likely to forget and would perfectly compliment a summer wedding to beat the heat after hitting the dance floor.

#4- Pie
Pie…flaky, buttery crusts with decadent fillings. Sweet to savory, you can have pie to match the season or display several different options for your guests to enjoy.

  • Honey PieHoney Pie offers a number of different bakery options including cupcakes and cookies… but I am here to talk about PIE! What is more perfect for that rustic romantic wedding than the smell of a piping hot homemade pie? Offering up classics like apple and pumpkin as well as more exciting flavors like Fresh Strawberry with basil and salted honey. These pockets of joy are made from scratch with local ingredients and they also have vegan friendly options for your plant-based pals.

#5- Ice Cream
I scream, you scream, we all scream because there are so many great options when it comes to ice cream! From sundaes to sundae bars, this is a dessert option that allows you to use your imagination.

  • Purple Door Ice CreamRecently winning for the 3rd year in a row on for the Best Milwaukee Food Product, Purple Door rounds out my top 5 favorite treats. They have all the classics on top of extraordinary flavors like Whisky or Beer and Pretzels. When guests show up and see these fun flavors it will have them wanting dessert before dinner.
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